3 Key Points that Explain the Positive Power of Likability on Instagram

On Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, “haters gonna hate” is a popular saying that attempts to justify arrogant behavior. Somehow, it suggests that some people are just naturals at pulling people back — and that you shouldn’t bother changing their minds.

While part of the “haters gonna hate” saying may be true, part of it says that you kind of suck. It says that where likability is concerned, you’re in the bottom.

If some people hate you, maybe they are telling you something. Maybe they want you to modify your behavior for the better.

Here’s a discussion on likability.

1. Likability Has an ROI

Invest in getting the people on Instagram to like you. While there’s no set value, it’s a basic that it has a Return On Investment. The more people who find you likable, the better the chances of them getting into business with you.

Put yourself in a situation where you’re the subject of many people’s ire. Do you think those people are willing to do business with you?

Chances are, they don’t. And they probably don’t even want to be near you.

2. Kindness Begets Kindness

Call it cause and effect, karma, or the golden rule analogy. It’s practically a given that if you’re nice to someone, they’re more likely to be nice to you as well. If you’re awful, you get the awful treatment, too.

So, if you’re kind enough to like posts, post comments, and interact pleasantly with others on Instagram, you’re up for a similar treatment, too.

3. Likability Is Linked to Reliability

If many people follow you on Instagram, it’s an implication of them finding you as reliable.

The Reliability Award is yours because:


    • You’re ALWAYS there to engage with them


    • You ALWAYS keep promises


    • You ALWAYS post quality content

As you can see, always is a keyword when it comes to reliability.

So, make sure that you’re always there for your followers. Don’t exit the scene — at least not when you don’t have a solid plan in the works. Use Instagram bots to manage your account and have them post content on your behalf.

A popular bot called Instagress has closed. But fret not, Income Artist compiled a list of Instagress alternatives. Check the list to determine the right Instagram bot for you.


Don’t set aside the importance of likability. Remember that it has a compelling influence over your followers on Instagram — and over your success, in general.

More importantly, remember that you want your brand to perform well. And a hack that can help elevate its performance is to be likable.