3 Ways That Instagram Automation Will Help You Stay Relevant

It’s apparent that using Instagram bots is a smart strategy. In his blog, Fred Harrington discusses a list of the best of the best.

They can speed up your work and reduce the time needed for growth. With them, you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

These tools can handle certain tasks without supervision — to be exact, without you.

And did you know that they are powerful enough to help you stay relevant?

If you didn’t, here are some ways that they can make it happen.

#1 – Post Quality Content

Creating content on Instagram is not exactly difficult. You just have to come up with a few words — less than 140 characters and then post them.

But what if this job takes at least 3x a day for a streak of 5 months?

Of course, you’ll be exhausted. You’ll continue it, though, for the sake of your business.

For this, your perseverance is laudable. You choose not to give up.

As for the quality of your posts? They’re not laudable. They’re actually cringe-worthy.

Luckily, there’s a remedy for this: an Instagram bot.

With bots that act as a planner, you can plan a week’s worth of Posts (or so) in just one day and then leave the tools to do the work for you.

Just pick a time when you’re not exhausted and when you have your creative juices flowing. This ensures that all your posts come with excellent quality.

#2 – Post to the Right Audience

Doing this makes you relevant. And it garners respect for you and your brand.

Imagine posting about cancer treatment options. And then having a random Instagram user, say a healthy teenager, read it? This teenager will probably just dismiss it if he encounters the said post once, but what if he keeps seeing it at least 3x a day?

He’ll probably get annoyed because apparently, he’s the wrong audience for the post. Posting to the right audience matters aside from not building an “annoying” reputation.

For one, it establishes authenticity. Posts are directed to the people with a genuine interest in your offer. When you post, they read and don’t consider it a waste of time.

For another, it increases conversions. These people are not only interested in your offer. Rather, they are willing to pay for it.

#3 – Post Consistently

Consistency helps you stay relevant by giving you a reliable reputation.

Being consistent says a lot about you and your brand. It says you are serious about your advocacy — not just now but also in the time ahead.


Relevancy is correlated with time. And time is an important component in a business’ success. To step up your game, drop the irrelevant sideshows to spend your time on important matters with the help of Instagram bots.