Choosing the Right Kind of Armor

Ancient armor had to withstand the force of a sword, club, mace, spear or arrows; the modern armor has to withstand the force of firearms. This force is far greater and more dangerous compared to any other weapons that have been used in the past. You, therefore need to choose the right kind of armor for the upcoming task.

Hard or Soft Armour?

When looking for body armor, you come across two primary types – hard and soft armor. Both of these kinds are suitable for different situations, and each comes with different benefits and downsides.

The soft armor is easy to wear and is more comfortable than the hard armor. It is also not as heavy and bulky as its counterpart. This makes the soft armor more ideal for law enforcement officers. Soft armor is ideal in conditions where the top threat is handguns.

If you are going to battle or other extreme conditions, then you need hard body armor. This is ideal in situations where the major threat is high power rifles. You can also opt for semi-rigid armor which is a cross between hard and soft armor.

The Protection Level

Choosing the perfect armor is a good point, but it can be challenging. There are so many classifications of this armor, and each is based on the bullet weight, the impact that the armor can withstand and the calibre.

You need to choose depending on the level of comfort and protection. It is between to get armour that is comfortable and gives you the level of protection that you desire. Each category that is soft and hard armor has a level. The top level in the soft armor category protects you against handgun threats. However, you need to know that the higher the protection level, the more uncomfortable the armor gets.

These armors also come with extra pockets to carry plates for additional protection and dispersion of impact.

Selecting the best option is crucial for your safety. The best advice is that you go for high-level armor that comes with all the added features. This not only protects you against any assault, but it also gives you the protection you need over a long period. This is because it uses the high-quality material in its design as well.

In Conclusion

The good thing is that all the armor vests are combat proven and give you what you need in terms of safety and impact resistance.