Factors To Consider When Selecting Continuous Ink Jet Inks

If you have been in the printing sector for a long time, then you know that potential customers value quality more than anything else. Quality output is what gives you return customers and they also recommend family members, colleagues and friends to your venture. Large format printing takes a different approach from that of desktop printers which handle printing that is less than 17 inches. One thing about these large format printers is that there are more expensive when compared to normal printers. However, irrespective of the price, using the wrong quality of ink will be counterproductive. The following are some of the factors to consider when selecting continuous ink jet inks

    1. Printing material

There are different types of materials that can comfortably use continuous ink jet inks. Good examples are polythene, rubber and polyester just to mention a few. The kind of ink that you can use on rubber will be different with that you use on polythene because they have different textures. Analyze your needs so as to pick your best fit. You also have to consider the surface of the printing material. It can be flat, curved or irregular in shape. Some inks are fit for regular surfaces while others do best on irregular surfaces.

    1. Color variations

There are some people who will use just one color while others will require several of them on the same print surface. You have to evaluate the compatibility of these colors to get the desired results. You cannot use black ink on a black surface because the prints will not be visible. You can pick several color variations to make the final print outstanding and visible from far. Ensure that you consult your customers on their desired colors to avoid dissatisfaction. Most clients will have company colors which can guide you when selecting continuous ink jet inks

    1. Dry time

How urgent do you need the final print to be ready? There are some inks that will dry instantly while others will take hours to dry. The drying time will depend on the ingredients of the ink and the material that is applied on. You also have to consider the speed of the printing machine to avoid blockages inside your machine. It is also important to check on the durability of the ink especially when the final product will be displayed outdoors. Inks such as those at needham-ink.com can withstand harsh climatic weather conditions at all times.