Gaming Monitor Review

Maybe the two most important features for a gaming monitor (outside of the obvious screen quality) are the response time and ease of use over extended periods of time.

monitor has implemented both of these features to near perfection.

Picture Quality and Response Time

Although some monitors on the market will have a faster response time than the GL2460HM, it’s not by much. With a 2ms response time, input lag shouldn’t be much of a concern when gaming on this monitor. Don’t think that’s the only great feature of this model here, though. A full 24-inch, 16:9 display with a dynamic ratio of 12:1 provides a beautiful and eloquent display. Adding on to this is it’s 16mm slim bezel display that not only makes it gorgeous from every single angle but also easier to view for long instances.

ZeroFlicker and Blue Light Technology

Speaking of features that assist in viewing for long instances, how about the implemented ZeroFlicker and Blue Light technologies? For starters, the ZeroFlicker technology. As one would guess, this eliminates the flickering of images on the screen. What’s great, though, is it does so at all brightness levels. Without this technology, the human eye would become fatigued if it stared at this monitor for an extended period of time. Then, there is the Blue Light technology. The blue light that emanates from monitors, much like the flickering of the screen, can be damaging to the pupils. With selected modes that allow this output to be anywhere from 30 to 70 percent, one can adjust how much this light gets outputted.

Built-In Speakers

Now that the two biggest features have been addressed, it’s time to address a “bonus” feature. Built directly into this monitor are speakers. Although they probably won’t sound as crisp as surround sound speakers would, it’s nice for those who can’t afford additional speakers. And, of course, it also has HDMI ports included. After all, what would be the point of a gaming monitor that didn’t allow a home console to be connected?

At its core, the BenQ GL2460HM is a perfect monitor for gaming fans looking for extended periods of use at any time. The beautiful 24-inch LED display sure isn’t a bad feature to go along with it, though. However, if for whatever reason, this model from BenQ is not appealing then this gaming monitor is a terrific alternative.]]>