Growing Your Youtube Channel for Dummies

Before thinking about growing your channel you need to create a channel so let’s visit visit and login with your Google account as Google owns Youtube in case you didn’t know that yet.

Now click on your profile picture and on top of the drop-down menu you’ll see a button labeled My Channel, simply click on it and there you have your own empty Youtube channel. The first thing you’ll see is the message: “This channel doesn’t have any content”.

So we click on the big blue Customize Channel button and we can enter all kind of things, like a cover for our channel, another profile picture, a channel description and so forth. Once that’s done you can upload a video and once you have a couple of videos you can also create a playlist.

Make sure you don’t forget to add a trailer video to your channel page, that’s not the same as your individual video pages so that you can share the channel page with your audience and that introduction/trailer video will be the first thing they see.

Now let’s talk about promoting it

There are a plethora of ways to do this. Do you own a blog? Embed one of your favorite videos and make sure to do it on a page that is most frequented by your website visitors to get the most eyeballs on it and simply put a text below the video that reads “Subscribe to my Youtube channel”.

You probably already have a Facebook page, perhaps even a Google+ account, and you’re most likely active on Twitter or any of the other popular social media platforms so the first thing you want to do is upload your video at Facebook, don’t just use Youtube’s link but upload the video itself on Facebook with a link to Youtube below it.

We do it like this because Facebook likes to keep its users on their own platform so by uploading the video directly on Facebook you maximize your reach and then in the comments you can always redirect them to Youtube. The same concept applies to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it.

How about automating it?

I understand that you quickly run out of resources to share your video and you can’t bore the same audience with the same video over and over, sure you produce new videos on regular base but if you have only a few hundred friends your exposure maxes out rather quickly.

Thankfully there are sites that can help you with just that, Trust Advisor is one of them, yep the site I just linked to. What they do is reviewing some of the most popular bots that are custom created for Youtube to grow your subscriber’s list by commenting on other videos, like them and they can even generate views for your videos and channel. The more views you get the more exposure and the more authoritative you look so this is one of the best ways to grow your channel without spending an enormous amount of time on it!