How to improve the efficiency of skin moistening.

Everyone knows that moistening is a basic element of the skin care program. Moistening shall follow clarification as correct moistening helps to keep youth and health of the skin. Moistening is especially necessary for a dry skin. Besides, some moistening means also have properties to slow down the aging of the skin. But whether you know the process of skin moistening and how you can improve its efficiency?

If you enter the, you will learn that moistening helps to restore protective function of an epidermis, hiding microscopic cracks of skin, covering it with the restoring protective film, and also fills moisture content in the top layer of skin.  The main function of the moistening means is providing the moisture to skin layer, formed by the horny cages. The layer of the moistening means applied on skin holds moisture, preventing her evaporation that helps to support water balance and to improve a condition of skin (especially for dry and withering skin).

So what is necessary to know about the use of the moistening means to improve efficiency of moistening?

Always apply the moisturizing cream on moist skin immediately after clarification (washing). Perhaps, you happened to read about it, but you hardly understand why moistening right after clarification has such value. Drawing the moistening funds for moist skin helps to hold moisture in the top layers of skin and to prevent her evaporation. If you use a tonic, never wipe tonic before drawing the moistening means as its creamy texture will only strengthen the moistening effect of tonic. Therefore cosmetologists always recommend using the moistening means directly after clarification of skin.

You don’t apply the moistening means at all on dry skin as in this case he won’t be able to hold moisture necessary for skin. You shouldn’t apply also means on absolutely wet skin, and then cream will just flow down.

Do not apply the moistening means on the skin around eyes. Perhaps, this council will seem to you a little strange. However, it is necessary to notice that skin around eyes differs from skin on other sites of the person. It is very sensitive. The moistening means can be too fat for it and can cause emergence of fatty tumours. Moreover, ingredients of the moistening mean often result in puffiness of skin around eyes (owing to moisture deduction). Therefore, it is recommended for moistening of skin around eyes to use the special cream developed for this purpose.