How You can Benefit from Instagram as a Presenter

Many radio presenters and musicians have a notion that it is very little they can do on Instagram. This is not the case. Promoting your work on Instagram can be a very fruitful, fun-filled exercise if you identify the secrets of marketing on the platform.

Let us look at a few tips you can use to succeed on Instagram as a radio presenter or musician.

Create a Business Page

If you want to utilize every marketing strategy on Instagram, do not create a personal account. Instead, create a business account which gives you more options when it comes to the establishment of followers by allowing you to create ads and assess how visitors react to your posts. Make the page as attractive as possible and include your contact options in case your fans want to stay in touch.

Capture Interesting Settings

Selfies are very common on Instagram. To get the attention of your fans, add some unique features and scenes to your own photos to give them life. Capture scenes in your workplace, in a studio or at a concert while incorporating interesting angles and backdrops.

The Use of Quotes

You can easily transform your followers into potential fans by adding quotes, phrases or conversations to your images. Handpick some words from your songs or clips from your radio sessions, incorporate a stunning background and share with your followers citing the title of the song or program respectively. If the post is appealing enough, they will automatically want to purchase the book or know more about you.

Post Regularly

Consistency is very important when it comes to growing your brand on Instagram. Make your posts regular enough to keep your followers engaged. If you are too busy, you can make use of Instagram bots such as Jarvee to schedule your posts. Spire says that Jarvee is one of the best alternatives to Mass Planner since it is capable of scheduling your posts and following other accounts within your niche.

Run Competitions

The aim of Instagram contests is to publicize your work and create a way of interacting with your followers. You can, for example, give your fans a quote from one of your songs and anyone who guesses the title of the song receives a free copy of your album.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot you can do to advertise your music and radio program on Instagram. Remember, Instagram users are always looking out for creative posts and you need to generate unique ideas for you to be noticed. If you are not sure of what to share with your followers, feel free to borrow some ideas from successful colleagues on the platform.