More Date Ideas for People Looking for Something Different

Dating is hard enough as is. Unless the two of you have been together for a while it can seem a bit overwhelming. To make things easier we went over a few unique date ideas in a previous article. Assuming you’ve done well on your first few dates there’s a chance you might need a few more ideas.

Dates are supposed to be fun and unique ideas not only help you escape the monotony of the 9 to 5 grind but the consistency of your day to day in the relationship. Every couple has their routines. You wake up, check social media, look at the news while you have your morning coffee or breakfast and off you go.

Sometimes you need to do something a bit different to feel like you aren’t stuck in a rut and although date night is great, going through the motions with that as well is a one way trip to a failed relation if done often enough.

As stated before, the three rules to a successful date are a comfortable atmosphere, time to enjoy each other’s presence and safe transportation. Let’s get into it.

    • Visit a few antique shops: antiquing is way more popular than you would guess. If you or your partner have a taste for older decorations or find something you get nostalgic about you just may come away with a great conversation piece.
    • Craft something together: whether it’s origami or a bench creating something with your partner will always make a great experience. Just try not to let your inner perfectionist ruin things.
    • Go for a drive: this was cool when you were young and if you pick a scenic enough route it’s cool now. Fine somewhere worth looking at and go for a ride together.
    • Stop by your local animal shelter: if neither of you has allergies and both of you love animals this could be perfect. Puppies and kittens need love and you can give it them in your free time. Remember to keep rollers in your car to get the fur off.
    • Pick apples in an orchard: this one is location dependent but so scenic. If you’re a photogenic couple this is an easy way to get some amazing pictures and get food for later.

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