The Rise of Instagram Bots – Do They Work?

A social marketer is as good as the tools he/she uses. And now, you can use bots to automate activities to make it look like there’s a real human behind your account. That way, you’ll maintain a constant level of interaction with your audience. It is worth noting at this point that the level of your Instagram engagement will have a direct impact on your success and ability to maintain followers.

Do Instagram Bots Work?

As stated, Instagram bots work by following accounts the same way you would. They will like posts and leave comments. While it’s not in dispute that a good bot will do what you program it to, you have to be savvy when it comes to your choosing hashtags. The idea is to avoid clogging your newsfeed by following accounts at random.

Lately, there has been a rise of advanced bots such as Social Media that go beyond automating processes. This service, in particular, offers real people to manage your accounts. So, apart from liking and commenting you also enjoy organic growth propelled by skilled individuals who know what it takes to market brands on social media effectively.  Visit to read more about this premium service and what it means to use it for your brand’s Instagram marketing.

Are Bots in Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Use?

Okay, to keep it straight and simple, you can get banned for using bots. In fact, that’s the very reason you need to use reliable service providers such as Managed Social. The trick is to make sure that you’re using a bot with proven ability to provide results without getting you into trouble. How? Well, by reading reviews about a service and what users have to say about it. Avoid any company with negative user feedback or one that has no reviews at all.

So, Are Bots Worth It?

Yes indeed. It is about how you use them that matters. Aim to generate product photos that will go viral and use your bots reach your target audience. Also, analyze the progress you’re making with your bots and adjust your content accordingly. As long as you’re using your bots sparingly, you’ll start to see results soon or later. Of course, you have to buy your Instagram bots from a highly rated company.

In conclusion, bots are an excellent growth strategy if you’re serious about getting your Instagram marketing campaign off of the grounds. So, be sure to try them out.