Twitter Scheduling Tips

The basic idea behind social media marketing is real-time interaction with real people. Twitter scheduling offers an opportunity for marketers and social media managers to schedule their posts when they are not available to do it in person. The tips discussed below can help you enhance your Twitter marketing strategy through Twitter scheduling.

Know when your followers are most active

Find out when most of your followers are online and schedule your posts to appear at that time. That way, your content can reach your target audience even if you are not online at that particular time. There are multiple tools that can help you to analyze your follower’s tweets or activity and provide important data showing when the majority of them are active. With that information, you can adjust your posting to align with those timelines. You can check reviews at to determine which one suits your needs better.

Schedule multiple tweets in a day

Even by establishing user behavior patterns, you cannot entirely reach all your followers at the same time, especially if they come from different regions or time zones. Sharing interesting or captivating content throughout the day increases your visibility, thus enhancing your brand’s presence on Twitter.A good way to achieve this is by scheduling your posts to appear at different times throughout the day rather than posting multiple times within a short duration of time.

Whereas creating original content is paramount for a sound strategy, you can also share content from other users that fall within your niche. You can add your personal opinion on the post but remember to credit the original creator of the content.

Take advantage of Holidays and other events

There is a significant increase in traffic during holidays and other special events. During this time, a good number of social media users rely on Twitter and other platforms to determine which stores to visit. Therefore, it offers a rare but useful opportunity to capture their attention. Promote your brand during such seasons by offering promotions and scheduling more content to attract the attention of potential as well as the existing customers.

Join the conversation

After scheduling your content, it’s important to engage in the discussions in real-time to show authenticity and also the credibility of your account. No matter how interesting your content is, it will have little effect if you don’t engage with your followers at the very time they are discussing it. Real-time interactions help to build trust and can be the foundation of long-term relationships.


Scheduling helps you to plan and execute your marketing strategy and enhance your brand’s presence on Twitter. However, it helps to combine scheduling and real-time interactions if you want your strategy to be more effective.