Understanding the Genres of Comedy

Comedy, though seen to be easy, is the riskiest form of entertainment to create because you will never know it’s working till you see the laughter. You wish your instincts serve you well, but you just don’t know what will happen next.

Comedy is wild, comedy is humble, but there are different forms of comedy. The bad thing is that one form of comedy crosses over into another form’s territory very easily.

The latest form is parody, while the earliest is the slapstick comedy that goes to even vulgar heights.

Slapstick started with Chaplin, who took comedy to a whole new level with his silent form of comedy. He was a genius at slapstick, and he took this and merged it into social awareness, ending up with some of the finest comedy that the world has seen.

And so comedy grew, and today we have so many genres that you might not know which is which. You can check out some helpful resources to guide you further. Here are a few genres.


This is a form of comedy that focuses on physical pain and humiliation of the character just for a laugh. This is considered the lowest genre of comedy, and it attracts actors of all ages. The violence in this comedy is never serious, meaning even though the characters get injured, they always get up and proceed, just to get hurt again and again.

Black Comedy

This relies on making the audience laugh at taboo subjects that has been tough to explore on film. The topics range from religion, sex, murder, religion, politics and much more.

Good writing is essential, and a true comedian stays with the plot, however thick it is until the end.

Romantic Comedy (RomCom)

This is a realistic take on love, but from a fun way. Boy meets girl, loses girl, gets the girl back and the fun continues. These comedies are ties around what happens in relationships, but from a funny way. The 90s saw the introduction of gay romantic comedies as well.


This is the intelligent use of words to point out issues with society. This comedy takes a dip at the government in power and corporate. Satire walks hand in hand with political or black comedy.

Stand Up Comedy

This is where the comedian stands in front of an audience and his role it to make people laugh. This kind of comedy covers a wide range of topics.