Useful Tips to Make Sure Your Bike Pressure is Consistent

The pressure in a bike is ideal for both safety and comfort. You need to have the correct tire pressure consistently, given the mere fact that the tires are the only contact you have between the bicycle and the road.

The tire serves a host of uses that are vital to your movement. First, it acts as a buffer, placing a cushion between you and the road for a smooth ride. It also provides the right amount of traction and friction as necessary. It also transmits your intention when handling the bicycle, such as turning, braking and accelerating.

Know the Correct Pressure

This varies according to the make of the bike. This piece of info is usually in the user manual of the bike manufacturer. You can also find the recommended pressure inscribed on a part of the bicycle. You can as well go online and research on the correct pressure. Make sure you use the correct tire pressure as per the manufacturer specifications consistently.

Remember, the manufacturer sets the tire pressure depending on the weight, handling characteristics and the type of terrain the bike is meant for.

Time to Check the Pressure

You need to check the tire pressure when the tire has been in a resting state for 3 hours or more. This is because the air in the tire can heat up and expand considerably, especially when you are riding at a very high speed.

Another great time to check the pressure is right before you embark on a long journey. If you are using the bike for leisurely rides then make sure to check the pressure at least twice every week.

A change in temperature should give you reason enough to check the tire pressure. This is because a sudden, drastic drop in temperature makes the tires to lose pressure, which requires you to inflate the tire to the recommended values.

Always Have a Bicycle Pump at Hand

Always have a bicycle pump with you especially when riding for long distances. There are a variety of these on the market, which is why you should know the details especially of the top pumps available for you.

Stay Safe Always

Knowing the correct pressure at all times helps you avoid accidents that might result due to issues with handling your bicycle. Make sure you know the right time to check the tire pressure and have a pump to re-inflate the tire whenever the pressure drops.