What Makes Windows Dirty?

Why is it that even if your home is far away from the main road and is shielded from the winds your windows always turn out dirty? The windows behave like newly mopped floors, which show marks and streaks when the light changes their natural position. You must be wondering why your windows get dirty ever so often.

Air Pollution

The air that is floating around collects dust and dirt particles as it circulates. The particles get thrown all over the place and find their way to your windows, where they cling to the glass.

Pollen, dust, car exhaust, smoke and any other particles are the likely candidates for this kind of scenario. They cling to the glass and spoil a perfect view. The biggest thing is that this residue builds up quicker than you can expect.

Water Stains

Most homeowners point the water hose at their windows and give it a blast, thinking that they are cleaning them. Initially, the procedure seems to work but wait till the water dries up and your window becomes awash with hazy stains.

Typical water contains up to 500 parts per million of pollutants that clump together on the glass when the water evaporates. The hazy mess is what you see on your windows. You might think that the second blast of water will rinse off the mess, but the results are the same.

Steam and Kitchen

One of the areas of the house whose windows get stained each day is the kitchen. This is an area that has the hardest dirt to remove from the windows. As you cook your meals, steam and grease from the meals eventually find their way to the glass. These cling to an existing residue and stick on the windows. The result is an unsightly appearance and dirt that is hard to clean.

The stains and dirt on kitchen windows require specialized chemicals and cleaning strategies to remove them. This is why you need the help of a professional window cleaner to handle it. Check out

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Family Members and Pets

Your kids and the family pets love looking out the window, and while at it they can’t help but press themselves against the glass. Glasses get stained easily, meaning that when the kids lean against the window, they leave marks that are hard to clean.

Poor Quality Cleaning Solutions

Sadly, most homeowners attract the dirt to their windows when they use poor quality cleaning solutions. Using these solutions attract dirt to the glass. When the glass is clean, dirt doesn’t cling to it easily. On the other hand, if the cleaning solution left any residue, dirt clings to the window easily.

In Closing

As a homeowner, you notice your windows becoming dirtier as the days go by. This is because windows attract a host of dirt and pollutants. These pollutants stain the glass and make it hazy. Work with the right cleaner to remove the dirt the right way.