Why Follow Adder is the best Instagram Bot

2017 resulted in many automated services such as leading Bot Instagress being shut down by Instagram.Instagram’s terms of services state that these automated services are an unnatural way to gain followers and against their terms of use. Therefore they are not allowed to be used on its social media platform.

These crackdowns affected many businesses marketing campaigns

The crackdown of these leading bots affected a lot of users that used the automated services for business purposes. Instagram Bots are seen as an ideal tool to help market brands products and services because they are time efficient and cost-effective.

Completing engagement tasks manually

Without the use of services such as Bots, users have to complete engagement tasks manually such as finding relevant accounts, following them, then liking and commenting on their posts. This was done in hopes of a follow back. A bigger following means a bigger audience to market their brand to. The audience could then be directed to their website and turned into potential customers. Bots can do these engagement tasks on autopilot.

What are businesses going to do next?

The crackdowns on automated services and top Bots such as Instagress has left many Bot users wondering what Bot to invest in or whether to invest at all. The crackdowns have not stopped the Bot market as many new Bots are coming onto the scene to compete with the Bots that survived the crackdowns. Users are looking for a Bot that is effective, safe and reliable.

Is there a safe Instagram Bot to use?

Follow Adder is one Bot that survived the crackdowns and is viewed as not only the safest Bot on the market but the best one. Businesses that previously used Instagress state that Follow Adder works just as well, if not better. It is also easier to operate and use.

What are some of Follow Adders features?

It has all of the typical key features that most Bots on the market have. It can complete the engagement tasks of following, liking and commenting while on autopilot. It uses hashtags to find accounts that are relevant to yours. Therefore it will target your selected demographics and not random accounts. The selected demographics can be put into different lists depending on your preference or needs. It also has an extra feature is that it enables you to schedule multiple posts. This allows you to plan your posts ahead and have them posted at intervals to make your account look as natural as possible and not get picked up by Instagram for looking like spam.

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