Why it is necessary to eat yogurt every day.

Do you want to improve the work of a gastrointestinal tract and strengthen immunity? There is nothing more simple. Just include yogurt in the daily diet. This fermented dairy product is known to the humanity hundreds of years.

Yogurt is a dairy product, made of milk stuffed with useful nutrients. Yogurt improves digestion and helps an organism to cope with infections. Eat yogurt every day and you will be able to be convinced on an own example of an advantage of yogurt soon.

Yogurts that are on sale in common shops and supermarkets may contain preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, fragrances, dyes, it is a lot of refined sugar and it is not enough bacteria. It is the best of all to cook yogurt in house conditions to be sure of its freshness and quality. There are certain devices that will allow you to cook a yogurt in house conditions without any problems. It is called yogurt maker. If you want to buy, one you can find the reviews of the best available at Yummy Yogurt.

Yogurt is a milk oxidation product that contains beneficial “good” bacteria of lactobacilli bulgarincus and lactobacilli thermophiles. In the course of processing of milk protein, these bacteria produce the nutrients necessary for a human body. Yogurt is of great value from the point of view of a delivery. It is acquired better than whole milk (approximately for 60%). piyo schedule

Because of activity, these bacteria yogurt contains more B12 vitamin, B3 vitamin and vitamin A, than milk! Vitamins of group B are necessary for obtaining energy from food, normal work of a nervous system and adjustment of cholesterol leveling a blood. Vitamin A helps to keep the health of a skin and eyes, it is also necessary for protection against infections. Therefore, regular consumption of yogurt provides an organism with a necessary amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Useful bacteria that contain in yogurt help to maintain the necessary acidity of bodies of the system of digestion that helps to prevent locks and diarrhea improves digestion of the nutrients that are contained in products. The calcium plays an essential role in the protection of an organism from the wide range of diseases. It creates an environment for the development of useful microflora and slows down development of pathogenic microflora. Yogurt is very useful to those who suffer from diseases and disorders of a gastrointestinal tract. For example, of chronic indigestion, gastritis and other diseases.

Even those who intolerance the protein that is contained in fresh milk can consume yogurt. Under the influence of the lactic acid that is formed because of the activity of bacteria, milk protein breaks up in the form of small flakes and its comprehensibility increases.